How to Make a Stylish Top from Nylon Tights

Nylon Tights
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Nylon Tights

How to Make a Stylish Top from Nylon Tights: A Creative DIY Guide

Are you tired of your old, plain tops and looking for a unique and budget-friendly way to revamp your wardrobe? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you how to transform ordinary nylon tights into a trendy and fashionable top. This fun and creative DIY project will not only save you money but also allow you to express your personal style. Let’s dive right in!

Materials You’ll Need

Before we get started, gather the following materials:

Nylon Tights: Choose tights in the color and pattern of your choice. You can experiment with different shades and textures.

Scissors: Sharp scissors are essential for precise cutting.

Needle and Thread: Ensure you have the appropriate thread color to match your tights.

Elastic Band: A thin, stretchy elastic band will be used for the waistline, providing a snug fit.

Measuring Tape: This will help you take accurate measurements.

Pins: To secure fabric while sewing.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these steps to create your nylon tights top:

Step 1: Take Measurements

Begin by measuring your bust, waist, and hips to ensure a perfect fit. Write down these measurements, and keep them handy throughout the process.

Step 2: Cut the Tights

Lay your nylon tights flat and cut off the feet and the top waistband. You should be left with a tube of fabric.

Step 3: Create the Bodice

Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, ensuring the pattern, if any, matches. Mark the center fold with a pin. This will be the front of your top. Now, cut a small half-moon shape at the center of the fold to create a neckline. Be sure not to cut too low, as you can always make it larger later.

Step 4: Sew the Side Seams

With the fabric still folded, sew along the sides, leaving space for your arms. Start sewing from the top down to where you’d like the armholes to begin. Try on the top and adjust the armhole size if needed. Trim any excess fabric.

Step 5: Attach the Elastic Band

Measure your underbust area and cut a piece of elastic slightly smaller than this measurement. Sew the ends of the elastic to the inside of the top, creating a fitted waistband. This will give your top a flattering shape.

Step 6: Finish the Edges

Fold and sew the neckline and armholes to prevent fraying. You can use a zigzag stitch for added durability.

Step 7: Personalize Your Top

Get creative! Add embellishments like beads, sequins, or fabric paint to make your top truly unique. You can also experiment with different cuts and shapes for the neckline and hem.

Tips for a Stunning Nylon Tights Top

Creating a fashionable top from nylon tights is all about creativity and personalization. Here are some tips to make your top stand out:

1. Choose the Right Tights

Select tights that not only match your style but also complement your body shape. Different patterns and colors can create various visual effects.

2. Embrace Asymmetry

Don’t be afraid to play with asymmetrical cuts and hems. These can add a trendy and edgy look to your top.

3. Mix and Match Textures

Combine different types of tights to create a textured and layered effect. This adds depth and dimension to your top.

4. Add Accessories

Consider adding straps, buttons, or even a belt to accentuate the waist. These small details can make a big difference.

5. Experiment with Necklines

Try out various necklines like V-neck, scoop neck, or boat neck to find the one that flatters your features the most.


Creating a stylish top from nylon tights is not only budget-friendly but also a fantastic way to express your individuality through fashion. With a little creativity and these step-by-step instructions, you can have a unique and eye-catching addition to your wardrobe. So, grab those old tights and start sewing your way to a fashion-forward look!

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